Need help Springin into Spring?!

Posted by Amanda Kaley on

Spring is here!!

We've got the April showers, beautiful sunshine and warmer weather mixed in, and people coming out of hibernation from old man winter. It's great to get outside, enjoy the weather, start your garden, but it's also a great time for spring cleaning and organization!!

Here at My Secret Stash we renovated our backroom and our redecorating! Don't miss checking out the new space! Over here we are taking advantage of this new energy and you should too! We recommend the following for spring cleaning:

1. Make yourself your favorite drink- coffee, tea, infused water, wine, cocktail. Treat yo self!

2. Create a list to prioritize and stay on task. One list for projects and things you want accomplished for the season/year. A second list for what you want to get done that day. 

2. Put comfy clothes on you can get dirty (if your not still in jammies). 

3. Pull out the playlist/station that makes you groove, move and smile!

4. Open the windows and let in fresh air (weather permitting).

5. Pull your hair back and get down to business. Start making the to do list a to done list!

6. Come down to My Secret Stash for some inspiration. We've got some new items that are the perfect match to brighten up your home with that Michigan handmade goodness.

Happy Spring everyone!! Can't wait to see you soon!

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