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Six Lugs - Cherry Balsamic Vingarette

Six Lugs - Cherry Balsamic Vingarette

Six Lugs

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Our cherry balsamic vinaigrette is amazingly sweet and fruity, with just the right amount of tart that gives it a little zing. Think out-side the box, and experiment with our gourmet cherry balsamic vinaigrette yourself. This is a terrific dressing for fruit salads or tossed greens, even make a great marinade for chicken. Flavor: Sweet and juicy, just like eating ripe cherries off the tree, with a slight puckering zing on the finish. Origin: We hand blend this flavored balsamic by starting with our signature balsamic vinegar, then flavor it to our exact specifications right here in our facility in Traverse City, Michigan. Usage: Drizzle over fresh fruit, summer green salads, or use as a marinade. 12 Fl. Oz of pure delight!

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