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Cannon Balm 140° Tactical Lip Protectant

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Any man who ventures into the great outdoors is at war with the elements, and that fight cannot be won with a dainty little chapstick that tastes like strawberry smoothies. Go into battle with Cannon Balm 140°. At .56 oz, CB140° feels like a screwdriver in your hand and is nearly 4x the size of the stuff they sell in grocery store check-out lanes. It's made of premium, natural and organic ingredients and formulated with SPF 30 to protect against UV rays. Tested by active-duty military personnel, the unique formulation holds up in the harshest conditions, even withstanding temperatures approaching 140 degrees. With a blood orange mint flavor, it tastes like it's designed for men, not teenage girls. Upgrade to the Lip Balm that's hard to lose and even harder to melt: Cannon Balm 140°. INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC BAOBAB OIL, ORGANIC BEESWAX, ORGANIC BLOOD ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL, ORGANIC CALENDULA EXTRACT, CASTOR OIL, CERESINE WAX, HYDRATED SILICA, HYDROXYSTEARIC/ LINOLEIC/ LINOLENIC/ OLEIC POLYGLYCERIDES, NATURAL FLAVOR, ORGANIC OLIVE OIL, ORGANIC PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL, POLYISOBUTENE, RICE BRAN WAX, ORGANIC ROSEMARY EXTRACT, ORGANIC STEVIA, ORGANIC TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL, VITAMIN E.