Pride Mask

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Show the pride you have for your community by protecting yourselves and others behind this printed poplin and organic cotton-lined mask featuring the Progress Pride Flag. Simply put, wearing a barrier like a PrideMask helps prevent face touching, and lowers the risk of bringing viruses and bacteria into your mouth, nose and eyes. This helps prevent you from becoming infected with communicable diseases such as the coronavirus (COVID-19), influenza, and the common cold. We want you to get the perfect fit. The elastic bands on PrideMasks are made long enough to accommodate any face size. We have loosely tied them so you can adjust the knot to your desired fit. Step 1: Try on your PrideMask. If it’s too tight, or too lose, you can undue the knot and retie so it’s the perfect fit. If it fits out of the package, simply tighten the knots firmly. Step 2 (Optional): Once tightened, the knot can be pulled through the PrideMask side seam, so it’s hidden-and not resting against the back of your ears. Although PrideMasks do not need to be washed before first use, they are designed to be washed and reused. All of our masks can be washed by hand or commercial washer. They can be dried in a commercial dryer (low setting), or a clinical autoclave. For easiest care, we recommend hand-washing with detergent for at least 30 seconds, rinsing, and hanging to dry. We use performance fabrics that include a microfiber outer layer, with an organic cotton interior lining (that includes a pocket for a filter). Our elastic is latex-free. PrideMasks are not intended for use in clinical settings where sterility or air purification is needed. Only masks certified by NIOSH as an N95 respirator should be used in those settings.