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"Debwewin" (Truth) The Chippewa traditional Seven Grandfather Teachings says: To live in truth is to recognize the difference between right and wrong and to be faithful to ourselves as well as the world around us even when the right way is not the easiest way. Holographic blue nail polish. Native American tribes are very diverse. Cultural teachings, philosophies, and social dynamics differ greatly from one tribe to another. Even within one tribe, stories and teachings may vary from region to region. The information I provide here is from the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan, where my son and his father are members. The First Elder gave us the gifts of knowledge that he received from the Seven Grandfathers when he was a little boy. Each Grandfather gave him a great gift. The last gift that was given to the boy was Debwewin (Truth). The Grandfather said, “Be true in everything that you do. Be true to yourself and true to your people. Always speak the truth.” The Grandfathers told him, “Each of these Teachings must be used with the rest. You can not have WISDOM without LOVE, RESPECT, BRAVERY, HONESTY, HUMILITY, and TRUTH. You can not be honest if you use only one or two of the Teachings, and to leave out one is to embrace the opposite of what the Teaching is.” We should all try to live by the Seven Grandfather Teachings. Sometimes it may be hard to apply all of them daily, but we must try. If we don’t practice honesty, we cheat. If we don’t practice truth, we will lie. We must go back to the knowledge that the Seven Grandfathers taught the First Elder, who then passed the Teachings on to the next generation, and so on. The Seven Grandfather Teachings will remind us how to treat one another and our children. Each of us is responsible for taking care of the children and of Mother Earth. The children are the ones who must care for Mother Earth tomorrow, and for the generations to come.”Applies opaque in 2 coats. Top with our 30 Second Quick Drying Top coat to give it a glossy finish! Vegan Nail Polish: Handmade & Michigan-Inspired, Toxin Free, Eco-Friendly & Chip Resistant Northern Nail Polish uses the most natural, vegan ingredients known to form a long lasting, chip resistant nail polish that can be easily removed by our natural and nourishing soy-based polish remover. All polishes are 10-toxin-free, cruelty-free and vegan, and pigmented with natural minerals so they won’t leave stains on your nails after removal! Suitable for all ages and stages in life! Northern Nail Polish helps you say NO to these toxins, chemicals & allergens: No Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP) No Camphor No Formaldehyde or derived Resins No Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) No Ethyl Tosylamide No Xylene No Toluene Non-GMO No Gluten Fragrance Free Paraben-Free Phthalate-Free Eco-conscious Vegan Cruelty-free

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