Bath Bomb - Amethyst Protection

Bath Bomb - Amethyst Protection

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Lemon, pineapple, and sweet orange are blended with French lavender and cotton blooms to create a fresh, clean scent.

Amethyst should not be disregarded. It emits a high frequency, forming a protective 'bubble' around you to shield you from negative energy. Amethyst is beneficial to the development of higher consciousness.

Amethyst is a gift from the earth to take care of your spiritual well-being. It is the stone of enlightenment, hope, and protection.

Perfectly blended with luxurious oils of sweet almond, coconut, argan, vitamin E, and sea buckthorn to enrich your bath water with skin-pampering and soothing moisture and vitamins. Not safe for nut allergies.

These have the added bonus of natural gemstone crystals (crystal size varies from 10-20mm each), and aromatherapy essential oils combined with perfumery blends. Our gemstones are reiki charged with the purest intentions and cleansed in moonlight.