Moderately Sized Box of Fucks

Posted by Brett Sinclair on

It’s that time of year again where we’re all about to run around like headless chickens looking for that perfect forking unique gift.

Is it personal enough? Is it funny enough? Is it classy enough? Will they even foxing like it?

We all know these questions, and many of us try to out-do ourselves every year; but the one thing that never fracking fails is giving someone a reason to smile. Let’s be honest, when have you ever come across something with adult content and not thought of someone specific immediately? I know I have! It was the t-shirt for that guy I liked, or that bracelet for my best friend that tells them “I give a fxck about you”. 

Whatever the occasion, together with 100+ Northern Michigan artists and community members, My Secret Stash has added an Extra-Secret layer with raw, unfiltered language to really drive that point home, while maintaining high f’ing standards for the customers. In a time when it’s hard to give a lot of firetrucks, let the conveniently crafted Moderately Sized Box of (You Know Whats) do it for you! Don’t be out of F***s to give.


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